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Kelley Blue Book is an Irvine, California-based vehicle valuation and automotive research company that is recognized by both consumers and the automotive industry. The company is owned by the Cox Automotive subsidiary of Cox Enterprises.

Answering to the question posed on Reddit: Is Kelley Blue Book accurate?, user litomungee answers, "KBB is only good for regular cars, meaning ones without any following or fanbase. If you're buying something like a used Civic, then KBB is usually a pretty good estimate of its market value. Usually, the largest price discrepancies are for cars that have out of production for a while that still have some sort of fan following, like a Nissan 240sx. When I was in the market for my 240, KBB valued the particular one I was considering at ~$3000 when the average example was going for over $4000 with twice the mileage."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No direction from management, poorly managed teams and products, leadership has no clue what they want"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Employees who have tenure, have a strong sense of entitlement. -People protect their work, because they're in fear of losing their jobs -Finish multiple projects, just to find there is no longer a business need for them. -Leadership struggles to establish any sort of direction, we're losing market share to brands like TrueCar, CarGurus, Cars.com because there's a huge lack of innovation. -You'll often witness blatant harassment and bullying from management on other teams. Nothing is done. -How many meetings do we need? Townhall's, 1:1's, Meetings about Meetings. -Fear of layoff's a regular struggle."


"Unless you're willing to relocate to Atlanta, don't bother applying for a job at KBB. They're slowly closing shop in Irvine and using lay-offs to let go of team members. The minute they form a team on the east coast to duplicate your team, you're done! Too many office politics, management that that's clueless and will lie to your face if needed to. Loads of favoritism here, so you're left out in the dust if you're not part of that clique. If you have any HR related issue, don't bother to report it because good luck on finding out who your HR partner is. But when you do find one and work with them, a month into working with them...they'll just go *poof* into thin air like they never existed and along with it your HR case. Why you ask? Because there's no stability in this company, they're constantly reorganizing and restructuring departments. Don't bother learning the organizational chart because that is ALWAYS a work in progress."

Former Employee - Lead Software Engineer says

"KBB was a good company before it was acquired, ever since it became part of sinking ship AutoTrader, everything is gotten a lot worse. Financials are tied to AutoTrader so even if KBB exceeds goals set by Atlanta, you won't get a decent bonus. Worst department to be in is IT. Unqualified VP, directors and managers run IT with a great deal of favoritism. If you are not part of the club, you might as well don't show up, that bad."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"1. If you want to see hell, join KBB. 2. Toxic environment full of politics. 3 Under qualified people appointed as Managers. 4. A waste concept of one on one meeting to discuss your concern but it is just a formality, and should be stoped as nothing ever gets addressed. 5. Continous conflicting environment, with people fighting for recognition."

Former Employee - Senior Analyst says

"1. Oh my God, the environment is so toxic and full of politics. 2. Management is the worst you can find on earth. Just concerned about creating their visibility and to impress the parent company Cox members sitting in Atlanta. And to do that they will micromanage you and create a report to send to Atlanta about your each and every minute of your time. 3. I am just telling you, if by chance you are about to get a project in 217 building on 2nd floor, rather be homeless and jobless, than joining this organization. 4. No communication among team members."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Note - Every place or company has pros and cons. But please do not take these comments as just a personnel experience, as these are true comments. 1. Too much micro management. You have to log your each and every hour's work detail to a tool, and your manager will be monitoring that and the moment you are a little off, you will be thrashed with a bitter email. 2. There are some people who are working in the organization since many years, but honestly are very slow. But they lead you and act smart just because they are here since a long time. Remember, being stagnant at one place for years shows your dumbness and fear of marketing yourself. 3. Not much recognition for good work. 4. An environment of unhealthy competition, where every one be your lead or co-worker is just buttering or working to impress their senior. 5. Very unhealthy environment with no sports facility for personnel growth and you are expected to work and only work. If you have any facility, bet you can wait for days and months but wouldn't find anyone using it. Reason being each and every minute is monitored, so every one is scared. Too monotonous environment. 6. This company has a system of One on One, where every week you have meeting with your manager and you can discuss your concern, which is a very good system. But the bitter truth about it is that it is a mere formality of showing that organization cares for you. Because you can try and propose something beneficial for yourself or project's growth but nothing will be implemented, as this company does'nt want to change the way it works."

Former Employee - Senior Manager - Analytics says

"Oh where to begin.... * Management: Promotions seem to happen because of a good l'boy network, leading to incompetent management that's disconnected from their people * Co-workers aren't the friendliest as everyone is expecting to be stabbed in the back * C-Suite seems to know where they want to go, yet lack any strategy to be able to get their"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management. They play favorites and let people who do no work continue to keep their jobs while others work hard and are actually valuable employees. Reviews are a joke. It's like everybody gets a C (average review) regardless of whether you perform way above your title and expectations, or whether you are toxic, provide no value, and a complete drain on your coworkers. People are told they can't advance but are given more responsibility without more pay or higher titles. Everything now is run from Atlanta including HR so it's difficult to get anywhere. There are people in management and leadership roles who have no business being there and are totally unqualified. Constant re-orgs and only people at the top being promoted and more new layers added. Salary is definitely on the lower end, especially for Orange County. People are so frustrated because management doesn't listen to any of our concerns. The morale has gotten so bad."

Analytics Implementation Analyst says

"I've worked for many different companies from different sectors, but I have never seen any work environment with such an awful moral and toxicity, which all were caused by only one and one bottleneck who abused her seniority to bully and mistreat people. We all were hoping the new director would make a difference to save us, but he turned out to such an inexperienced egomaniac who made it all even worse. It took me a good 6 month to hill and be optimistic again after I left the company."

Director (Former Employee) says

"Hidden agendas and double talk abounds at kbb. It is the untrusted resource. Management is horrible here! Be prepared to be back stabbed and be careful who you can trust. There are a few people concerned with producing good work and they are the ones who get overlooked.Training opportunitiesPolitical atmosphere and horrible middle management"

mid-level (Current Employee) says

"New management team is energetic but inexperienced. Inconsistency between their words and actions, resulting in low trust. Process work and visibility are now valued over results. People (worker bees) are good, but many are looking to leave. Financial goals will be achieved but at what expense? Executives not acknowledging their role in increasing attrition. Lots of favoritism and cronyism. Few women and minorities in leadership roles. New leaders and "rising stars" are carbon copies of senior leader. Divergent opinions have negative consequences.Friday breakfast, fancy drink machinesNo work-life balance, compensation is not competitive, very political"

Director (Current Employee) says

"Cox auto is too big to be nimble. There is a lack of focus from the top. The company is reactionary rather than proactive. The talent is good but lacks innovation. There are too many cooks in the kitchen. Sales teams from multiple sites are selling the same products with a lack of true leadership and direction."

Dev team (Former Employee) says

"Management that has been there for many many years and are pretty out of touch with any new hires. Say they want new ideas but don’t really. Only listen to each other and not the actual dev teams. High school politics and juvenile antics (favoritism at its finest being shown towards certain employees, meaning employees that have been there for a long time). On a positive: will allow remote work, flexible with hours."

Sr. Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"KBB as a company and most of the people are a good group (with the exception of the PMO). The company is quite old school, very 50's mentality push for leadership with very limited ways of showing you are a leader. With AutoTrader coming in, it has changed. KBB needed bailout but the small, 'quaintness' of the company has gone away.The projects are not challenging and do not warrant the 'sense of urgency' the job description depicts. You will have a one on one once a week and it will be grueling. You will be micro-managed and potentially bullied if you are not perfect and do not try to speak your mind or have an opinion, the relationship will get worse. If you are a fun person expect that to be put to rest if you are a project manager, and do not be fooled in the interview. Be careful of 'wolves in sheep's clothing.'jeans to work, decent co-workers, commitment to community, decent salary because of autotrader big pocketsmanagement in the pmo, focused on perception not results, micro-management, not fun"

account rep (Current Employee) says

"But then the January 2012 buyout happened. Thanks Cox Enterprisesflexible scheduleeliminated bonuses, work outside, working with dealership management"

Staff Accountant (Consultant) says

"This is definitely a company with an "open door" policy. Management is very approachable and helpful. The people are friendly and welcoming. Company wide events and activities are common and KBB is very involved in giving back to the community. They participate in CANstruction (food for the needy), St Jude's Walk for Cancer, and many others.Breakfast Fridays and occiasional lunches"

Sr.QA.Analyst (Current Employee) says

"A wonderfull place to work and grow. Good chances to learn the new technology and full use of our skills. Good Pay and well treated peers."

Web Team (Current Employee) says

"KBB has a great history and culture, but the biggest mistake they did was letting AutoTrader acquire them. In the past year and half since its acquisition, AutoTrader's know-it-all sweater clad robots have swarmed the place and have been successfully killing off that great, entrepreneurial culture that defined KBB.They are rapidly moving from a fast-paced, get it done quickly approach to one of endless documents and presentations. You could really thrive in the old environment. Really sad that si slowly going away. I expect a lot of the better people will be jumping ship soon. Benefits and work/life balance were good, but I expect that to change too.If you're OK with the traditional, 100 page requirements-document approach to development, then this is the place for you. Otherwise, look elsewhere. The old KBB will be missed.great work life balance and very smart people, for now.very heavy top-down management from parent company"

Road Test Editor (Current Employee) says

"It's a great place to work and good niche in the automotive field"

Product Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"KBB was a decent place to work. Corporate vision is easy to get behind, and the majority of employees there are great people. The company encourages its people to learn and expand their knowledge base. The general atmosphere is relaxed and they even allow blue jeans. KBB operates with strong technology and maintains a helpful IT department for its employees. Overall, the salaries and benefits are decent. On the other hand, KBB is plagued by micro-management. Too many cooks in the kitchen. This led to a lot of unnecessary meetings, unwieldy and convoluted processes, and inconsistent accountability; too many managers just lacked the knowledgeable in either their team or their product. While there are opportunities for growth, there was a lot of entitlement and elitism going on. Errors were often subjected to "pass the buck" to the lowest ranked team member while disregarding established policies and procedures. Weekly scheduled one-on-ones were considered to be verbal warnings in certain departments; while not illegal, this practice is highly unethical and two-faced. In addition, managers were sorely detached regarding their employees well-being- both work-based and personal. KBB prefers the "leave the personal issues at home" practice, but some general human behavior cannot nor should not be ignored. Relaxed atmosphere, easy dress code, benefitsMicro-management, entitlement, constantly changing processes to by-pass issues rather than correct"

Chris Musso says

"A big joke I don't know if it's rigged to trick people but I have a 2016 f350 Lariat 6.7 powerstroke diesel with low miles go to online sites dealers are selling trucks with my trim and miles for 54,000 dollars what did kbb offer me? 33,000!! LOL!"

JP Jones says

"I have been a fan of KBB my entire life and used KBB often for vehicle valuation. KBB has always been an accurate, credible and professional source. But this "Instant Cash Offer" is a complete time wasting Scam to get you to the dealer and does not reflect the ridiculous offer the dealer plans to present."

KC says

"It's unfortunate that the trusted name and reputation of Kelley Blue Book has been tarnished in my eyes due to a bad experience I had attempting to use the Instant Cash Offer service to try to sell my car. I understood that I would NOT be dealing with Kelley Blue Book to attempt to sell my car for instant cash. It is a service offered to car dealers and car buying companies who pay KBB to attract your business. The initial offer you are shown on the site after filling out the required info is a starting point to draw you to a dealer. I read the fine print and disclaimers associated with using the service, but I never expected KBB's nonchalant attitude after my complaint about a local car dealership I was directed to using the service. The dealership experience I had lived up to the stereotype of dealing with sleazy car salesmen. They were dishonest and I felt scammed. They used the disclaimer of the fine print reserving their right to justify reducing the original offer price more than $1000 from the KBB offer generated. AND, if I accepted the dealers low balled offer, the procedure was that I sign over my vehicle and leave my vehicle with them and have to wait 10 days to two weeks for payment. Their deceptive practice had me going to the dealership twice before all this information was disclosed. Each time I returned, they found "so called" things wrong with my car to justify reducing their offer. Totally uncalled for during a pandemic where you had to wait in the dealership, dealing with multiple people. There are plenty of companies out there that truly offer instant cash for cars. Fortunately, I found a company online that actually paid me instantly for my car. It was a totally contact-less transaction, everyone I dealt with acted professionally, AND I received a check in hand, as my car was towed from my driveway, paying me very close to the original KBB offer. Shame on you KBB for providing a deceitful service leading clients to deal with deceitful car dealerships and car buying companies who pay you."

mike h says

"tried to use the kbb instant cash program. there is nothing instant about it and there is no cash. it is a scam. dealers wanted me to bring the title, keys and vehicle and wait for weeks to get paid, even though the car is paid off and clear title in hand. this is bs."

Richard Ellison says

"I have a two year old Toyota Sequoia, Totally loaded. KBB printed out $42,763.00 based on actual information. Dealer tried to offer $34,915.00 and entered it in KBB so 2nd dealer will be worthless. Does Fraud, misrepresentation and "bait and switch" come to mind. I highly recommend to never trust this service."

Jay Work says

"I recently entered in my info to see what Kelley blue book was going to offer me for my car as I was hoping to sell it (I ended up selling to CarMax). However, after I entered my information on their website they handed my info (home address and cell phone number) out on some list to endless dealerships and now I am getting barraged with phone calls every single day asking about my car if its still for sale and if I can bring it into their dealership. What an invasion of privacy and who knows who these people actually are.... They all leave voice mails or speak to me on the phone and parrot the same line of "we are partners with KBB and receive information on customers who want to sell their vehicle..." They will openly sell your info do not check your car's value here, look up at Carmax or go into a local dealership instead of this website."

David Watkins says

"I went to my audi dealer in early 2019 for a quote on a used Audi and ask them why there quote on my earlier Audi that I had was so low compared to its actual value because the cars online we're going for 3 to 4000 more then the trade-in or instant cash offer that Kelley blue book was offering for my Audi and my Audi dealer told me that it was a huge scam that kelley blue book has been doing for years and through there commission that they make they have paid reviews that they pay for yearly from each car dealer in sums of thousands of people from each company and manufacturer of cars. A year later I went to my Ford dealer and had brought up my friend who works at the Audi dealership in the nearby town who I've been doing business with both of them for years and brought up the point that the Audi dealer made and I didn't even get through the sentence when he cut me off erupting, absolutely!! He is telling the truth every single word of it is the downright cold hard truth. Kelley blue book has been a scam since day one. Saying, how could you trust a car evaluation and appraisal company that takes offers of instant Cash and trade-ins that are thousands of dollars lower? and obviously a huge chunk and percentage off the actual price of the vehicle and what it's worth. Just two sell it to the dealer with a foregoing commission with hundreds of cars every week. There's been proof that they pay for their reviews it was leaked almost 10 years ago in black and white. But professionals in dealerships have known about this for years before that. People need to get this out in the open so good American citizens in this country are not scammed anymore by this scandalous disgusting company that are no better than greasy auctioneers and middle men. Thank you for taking your time to hear my experience I'm from Western Washington and I went to school out here in a little country town and I worked on a farm as my first job 4 almost 10 years have been falling trees and managing landscaping company and a jewelry business on the side so I've had my hands in just about everything so I'm not in upper scale or lower scale person I'm just a American citizen who knows when is scam shouldn't be going on any more and I'd like to see it stop enough is enough screw Kelley blue book it's obvious they're doing this you have to be pretty blind to not see it and I'm putting it out there it's a dying company sincerely DW May the wind fill your sails and the sun on your face have a great day!"

Gary Ladd says

"Used KBB for a cash offer. They priced well, but dealer was $6,000 lower. What a joke - car is worth $30,000 on dealer lot, but only $20,000 to me?! Ha! Nice try at a rip-off"

CharroTradicion says

"KBB is a bunch of B.S. They're just out there to make money. If you’re wondering why used cars in Europe are much cheaper than in the U.S. it’s because they don’t have such a thing. This is why used car prices are bloated for example a used 2008 corolla with 135,000 miles and a bad alternator is “worth” 4,000 to 4,500 according to KBB, I wouldn’t pay over $2,000 for a car like that."

Artur Karapetyan says

"Just like other reviewers, KBB estimated the value of my vehicle to be $7,000 below actual market value both with their standard tool and the Instant Cash Value tool where I entered my VIN and other specific points of info. KBB valued my vehicle at $24,000. I sold it a week later to a DEALER, not private buyer, for $31,100. I can't imagine the amount of people who get scammed out of the cash they are entitled to by using KBB. Should be illegal honestly. Complete scam. Talk to actual buyers. Most of them will give you at least a ballpark value over the phone or a "max" value for your vehicle in perfect condition, and you can reasonably reduce the value with your own estimates if you have dings, mechanical or cosmetic issues, need tires, etc. Bottom line, don't use KBB."

Elan says

"Kelly Blue Book is garbage. They say a value for you to sell it, and the value from a second hand lot (that doesn't do SH!T) is 3-4 times higher!!! You can sell it higher! FU€K KBB!!!!"

Jamie Hold says


New customer says

"Don't waste your time. I had a very clean car in very good condition using KBB's definition. I did get offers, but they were far below what I could ultimately get as a trade-in. KBB's cash offer service is free, thus the old adage "you get what you pay for" is proven true once again. I realize that KBB works on behalf of the auto industry, with the retail buyer being the afterthought, at least that was how it felt. Anyway, I won't be using KBB cash offer service again."


"One of the most scam inc in America. Don't take my words do your own homework especially before buying a used or new vehicle.. Example Kelly Blue Book will informed you that a 2008 MDX will cost at least $7,000 to $9000 when you'll see some newer model like 2009 - 2012 cost about the same? Lmfao.. Try to buy 2001 or 2002 MDX and I bet the price will be at least $3,000 to 4,500?? Take a minute let that sink in guys......."

Renee Martin says

"KBB gave me an instant cash off (obviously contingent upon inspection). I notated EVERY DETAIL down. Drove a 4 hour round trip to be told $1000 less than kelley blue book value because of lies. When I went to my email Once I got home, the inspector BOLD face lied about what he saw, and I guess hoped I wouldn’t see his lies? Lied about stains and scratches and VASTLY over rated the ONE scratch that is actually there. Not even a scratch, it Two places smaller than peas right next to each other from another car backing into me. That is a SCUFF in all honesty. No metal is shown. He put major damage to that area. The other parts of the review were completely made up. There’s a big difference in needs a shampoo and stains. There was ONE spot on my seat that was also smaller than a pea. Not a stain. It came out. And the fabric on the handle was slightly dingy from hands touching it. Not stained. I asked before I came if these ppl were intelligent enough to know the difference or if I needed to wash and shampoo the car. Clearly when I was told they were, they lied. Again. I called before I came and they told me (Jonathan at ford of dalton in Georgia) that they give OVER kelley blue book Offers. Anyways, the reason for the review is the fact that when using this system there is nothing holding anyone accountable for the deal that had been made or lies that had been told. For wasting my time. My husbands ONE off day. $30 in gas. Nothing. This site can say whatever to get you in a dealership because the dealers pay kelley blue book a fee. The dealership told me this. The goal is to get you in there and hopefully you trade and they win or they lie to you and you’re stupid and they win. This site offers zero protection and is NOT in our best interest. This is solely for KBB to make money off the fee, not be held liable, knowing the car places will stick it to you. And solely for the dealerships because they get the traffic from the unenforceable offers from KBB sends them. I won’t use this site EVER again and I encourage you all to assume and plan for shady lying thriving car salesmen. I’ll use NADA or black book from now on."

Bob Orkand Huntsville, Texas says

"I wanted to know the approximate price range for my 2006 Rav4, 120,000 miles. So I went to the KBB site, answered all the detailed questions, went outside to write down the VIN and license plate number and guess what -- no answer to what my car is worth. Just a listing of all the dealers who would like to sell me a new Rav4. Three of them have already emailed me that they'd like to do business with me in the selling of my car. I don't want to buy a car; the RAV4 is now excess to my family's needs and I want to sell it. Kelley Blue Book didn't help at all. I went to the effort of filling out their questionnaire and got nothing for it! I feel that I've been had!"

Rick D says

"If you want to loose money use Kelly Blue Book I'm shure the dealers love using it to tip off buyers"

jacob clark says

"They told me what my truck was worth but when I contacted them they wouldn't give me a real offer for it?? How do you put prices on something and not be a check-writer for it?? All talk no action"

hastonarry gmail com says

"BAD investment . Stay connected with me. I have got the solution."

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